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¿Qué hacemos?

Creatividad es un acto de fe; para crear, primero hay que creer.

Who we are.

Raster Agency has a young spirit that allows our ideas to explore new technologies and trends with a creative look. This keeps us active and strives to learn and study day by day.

We know that we are a Services&Solutions company, with the constant challenge that brands reach and set new goals.

We believe that each brand has a character and a tone of communication that makes it unique, and our task is that they can express themselves fluently in the various media.
Our communication’s work focuses on connecting brands with their target, through advertising, together with marketing planning and execution.


It all starts with the gestation of a strategy. That is the starting point for building solid communication. Once that is established, our creative team works on the concept from where the design pieces emerge.

Planning is the subsequent process in which the agency organizes and executes the operation of the strategy that moves in the various functional means of communication. The purpose of any advertising campaign we carry out is the analysis of statistics, which allow us to evaluate the results and behavior of the target.

Each brand is unique.

Our job is to detect that differential value and generate strategic (and creative) solutions to help you strengthen it. We develop the communication of your brand in an integral way, articulating different media and languages to generate functional and relevant content. Solid communication is the basis of a successful brand.

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